MONDAY 9 MAR 2015 10:51 AM


Video’s power to communicate complex messages simply and instantaneously makes it a valuable tool for communicators. The prevalence of video in PR campaigns is now such that a new international film festival, dedicated solely to video in PR, has been launched in France.

Fredrik Edstrom, general manager at Le Public Systeme, the PR and events agency behind the film festival, says, “The digital revolution has really changed the communications game, both in terms of filmmaking as well as distribution.”

FILMS AND COMPANIES (Festival International du Film Corporate) will be held in the coastal town of La Baule, France, from 27 to 30 May, 2015. The festival will include a comprehensive programme, including panel discussions and seminars, for PRs that operate in this area, it will also be a chance to share ideas and to see examples of other work. The FILMS AND COMPANIES festival also aims to encourage young people into the industry through the promotion of innovative training projects. There will be a separate competition and award ceremony exclusively for young adults under the age of 25.

FILMS AND COMPANIES is currently receiving video and film work for consideration to screen at the festival. Work can come from all communications professionals, agencies, production companies or independent filmmakers.

Edstrom says, “We believe that FILMS AND COMPANIES is going to become the most important rendezvous for corporate films; a place for inspiration, new ideas and networking. We also believe that it is crucial for any marketing and communication professional to attend because film media is the strongest communication media there is. New digital formats, which can stream all over the world, can make it the perfect tool for any type of communication campaign or message you want to convey.”


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