WEDNESDAY 17 JUN 2015 2:04 PM


According to McKinsey & Company, a multinational management consulting firm, Africa’s economic momentum is likely to continue. A strategic communications strategy will help both African and multinational companies to tap into this rapid growth.

Africa’s growth has been propelled by a range of sectors, including resources, finance, retail, agriculture, transportation and telecommunications. Natural resources only accounted for 24% of the continent's GDP growth between 2000 and 2008. Companies in these sectors rely on strong communications and particularly on the engagement of international buyers.

African consumers now have greater disposable income and are demanding higher quality products and services. This drives spend and growth in other key sectors such as advertising and comms.

Mitchell Prather, managing director of Djembe Communications, an agency which has a well-established presence in Angola, says, “Africa’s economic growth potential, coupled with the region’s very young demographic and burgeoning middle class segment, is giving rise to greater market opportunities, which has led to a dramatic increase in demand from companies wanting to invest in brand building to develop a competitive edge. At the same time, many government related entities are increasingly focused on enhancing their reputation in international and local markets, which is crucial to attracting foreign investment while enhancing public confidence in these critical institutions.”

Djembe has now expanded its service offerings into Ghana, Mozambique and Nigeria in response to the growing demand in the SSA region for services within the public relations and communications sector.


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