FRIDAY 27 MAR 2015 11:09 AM


Effective communication over corporate websites considers all of the company’s stakeholders and the information that is most important and relevant to them.

Research shows that one in three FTSE companies fail to explain what their business does on their corporate website’s homepage. The research, conducted by Black Sun Corporate Communications, suggests that businesses are not making the most of their online platforms.

Black Sun judged FTSE 100 websites by their ability to articulate strategy, business model and KPIs and by their suitability for use on mobile devices. Almost two-thirds of the websites surveyed failed to provide a case for investment on the investor relations section of their website and less than a half included positive reasons to work for the company in their careers section.

Richard Dixon, chief digital officer at Black Sun, says, "This research shows many companies are failing to make the most of their websites, despite it being a first port of call for information. The website is one of the few channels through which a company can tell its corporate story and should be seen as an opportunity to engage and influence their diverse stakeholder communities, to deepen their understanding of the business and to build trust and confidence in their brand."

However, businesses are evidently waking up to the importance of communicating corporate social responsibility initiatives when it comes to securing and retaining talent, particularly from the millennial age range - 80% of the FTSE100 companies had a CSR section in the main navigation of their website.


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