MONDAY 29 FEB 2016 4:03 PM


UK-based online betting company, Unibet, has launched a new casino platform, Maria Casino (, that is specifically targeted towards men.

The site, which was previously aimed at women, has a new brand identity to match an organic shift in its customer base.

Josefine Bin Jung, head of Maria Casino says, “We realised that alongside the changing demographic of our customer base, the way they interacted or engaged with us was also changing.”

Independent digital agency, Delete, helped to transform the business through a new product strategy, proposition and brand identity, as well as the new cross-channel gaming platform.

At the core of the new brand is the characterisation of Maria. By inventing a brand character, Maria Casino hopes to build trust, place emphasis on its personalised service and add a human element to the overall brand experience or journey. The Maria character also helps the casino platform to differentiate itself in an already crowded market.


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