THURSDAY 31 MAR 2016 9:57 AM


The ThinkB!G conference, taking place in London this June, is focused on storytelling for businesses.

The inaugural conference – which is organised by Pitch Perfect Club, public speaking specialists, and sponsored by Natwest – will provide managers with the opportunity to improve the way that they communicate and engage with their audiences, whether that be clients, prospects or staff, through storytelling techniques.

The ThinkB!G conference, which will take place on 8 June 2016, will include presentations from professional public speakers and entrepreneurs such as Lara Morgan, Julia Streets and Randolph Matthews. Masterclasses will also be held in order to help delegates place storytelling ideas within the context of their own organisations.

Deon Newbronner, co-founder of Pitch Perfect Club, says, “This event is intended to help businesses harness the power of effective storytelling. Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from some of the UK’s best speakers, who have used the art of storytelling to its best effect, and take part in masterclasses – which are designed to help them identify and communicate their stories and network with other ambitious business people.”


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