WEDNESDAY 12 JUN 2019 12:46 PM


This month, there have been a number of digital communications stories with digital used to support everything from brand experience to corporate partnerships. We highlight a few of the stories emerging with regards to the use of digital

Interactive online chamber brings UK's 'Tutankhamun' burial ground to life

Recent finish of the excavation of Prittlewell Anglo-Saxon burial in Essex revealed one of the most significant archaeological sites ever found in the UK. Due to the importance of this found, the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) collaborated with digital agency Hex Digital to bring the burial ground to life.

MOLA and Hex Digital created an interactive online Prittlewell princely burial chamber, where it’s possible for the user to enter the chamber virtually and explore its hidden treasures. The purpose was to ensure that as many people as possible are able to experience the chamber’s treasures and learn more about the Prittlewell prince, who is said to be buried in the chamber.

Nicola Kalimeris, head of communications at MOLA says, “There have been many strands to communicating this internationally significant archaeological project, and Hex has done a brilliant job understanding what we needed and delivered a digital and online interactive display for MOLA and Southend Museums.”
With this initiative, MOLA and the Southend Museum renew a digital commitment to museum communications and exhibition development.

EMS takes RS Components on European roadshow

Electronic components manufacturer, RS Components has gone continental after successfully finishing its roadshow in the UK. The roadshow – now travelling to Germany – contains the newest technologies and trends within the electrocomponents market, as well as 15 different interactive displays of electrical equipment from leading technology suppliers as Raspberry Pi, Siemens, 3M and Design Spark.

The roadshow through Germany will allow visitors to experience RS Components innovations. RS Components worked with roadshow expert Even Marketing Solutions on the development of the roadshow.

In addition to the displays in the roadshow, visitors will also be able to try an immersive virtual reality experience.

Keith Austin, CEO and founder at EMS, says, “As the manufacturing capital of Europe, Germany has a great appetite for the most innovative equipment available on the market. With extensive distribution capabilities and an exceptional catalogue of products, RS Components are well-placed to serve this growing demand. 

Audi showcases Tottenham Hotspur's new stadium in partnership campaign

Audi collaborated with Tottenham Hotspur’s in support of the football club’s new stadium. The promotional video revolves around the theme of ‘Staying true to your values’ along with ‘Honouring your standpoints, with sticking to them’ in a quickly changing world.

The cockerel, which is Tottenham Hotspur’s logo, appears in the video as the ‘boss,’ keeping the football players on their toes around various sites in the new stadium.

Christina Dudley, events manager, Audi UK says, “This campaign once again challenges the norm when it comes to sports sponsorship activations - it shows how Tottenham Hotspur and Audi dare to be different. We’ve taken a slightly different approach, to focus on something which embodies the spirit of both brands.”
With this partnership, Audi positions itself as a brand that doesn’t abandon its norms and authenticity even though it renews and changes, just as Tottenham has done with its stadium upgrade.

BBC spotlights FIFA Women’s World Cup commitment to ‘change the game’

After BBC Sport acquired rights for the Women’s World Cup, the broadcaster published an empowering women’s anthem video for the branding of the World Cup. The trailer was created in collaboration with BBC’s in house creative team, BBC Creative, and south London rapper Ms Banks.

The female rapper brought a powerful feeling to the remake of the song 'Remember the Name,’ which reflects the excitement of the World Cup, while encouraging young girls and women to follow the footsteps of the successful athletes who appear in the video. The production behind the remake of ‘Remember the Name’ with Ms Banks, consisted of a team with only women.

The trailer is a part of BBC’s ‘Change the game’ campaign which airs throughout the BBC’s coverage of the World Cup games.

Mercedes-Benz wants customers to play by their rules in AR-integrated campaign

Mercedes-Benz reminds us consumers of a simpler time in which its actions were traceable back to what they thought was important. Through its new video, supporting the launch of the CLA Coupe, Mercedes-Benz calls on people to ‘Play by your rules.’ This created in collaboration with Berlin-based creative agency Antoni_garage. However, the music video was directed by director François Rousselet.

The video uses Instagram’s filter AR filter in order to create a modern and distinguished look while focusing on the brand’s storytelling. The video tells the story of a man getting confronted by his 16 year-old self about the important values in life, as his younger self experiences things that have changed since he was 16. The short film encourages its audience to honour childhood dreams and remember to do the important things in life, supporting the car company’s focus on a younger, more digitally savvy audience.