TUESDAY 7 MAY 2019 11:19 AM


First kisses, passing around a football or having a picnic, a park can be the setting for life’s biggest and smallest experiences. Parks facilitate a unique environment for those activities, which touch all kinds of people in different ways.

Manchester-based creative agency Music is communicating this joyous feeling in new film for the launch of the first public park introduced to Manchester in 100 years. The film features a variety of people reminiscing their best memories shared in a park. Both children and adults appear in the video, discussing what parks mean to their lives, which makes the target group for the campaign very broad. The video was developed in collaboration with regeneration and property developer U+I.

Through the use of video content, the Mayfair Park is positioned as Manchester’s new oasis. A space where everybody is welcome, and can enjoy themselves. Music’s creative director, Adam Rix, says, “U+I and the Mayfield Partnership like to listen to as many different people as possible before they start work on site, so it was fascinating to take to the streets and parks of Manchester and find out why people valued parks and to hear their park memories. The end result is an emotive film that fills you with the joys, the nostalgia, the sights and the sounds of parks, but also makes you think very hard about the important and varied role they play in our communities.”

Aside from promoting the enjoyment of park life, the video also encourages a healthy lifestyle and the positive effect it has getting out in the fresh air. Contrasting the sight of people on their phones, the video shows people interacting in real life amidst nature. The park is slated to open in 2029.