TUESDAY 14 MAY 2019 1:54 PM


Toyota collaborated with digital agency Brandwidth in the development of an augmented reality experience app, produced to provide Toyota’s costumers with an experience out of the ordinary. The app is a part of an on going commitment from Toyota with educating people about its hybrid cars. The app will be used in various pop-up Toyota stores, as well as its showrooms.

Toyota’s new app uses augmented reality technology and objective recognition software to explore a hybrid car’s engineering system in 3D. The app provides graphics of the inner workings of a hybrid drivetrain onto physical vehicles in order to explain how a hybrid car works.

Stephen Duval, TCMS & direct marketing manager, Toyota, says, “As pioneers in the hybrid space, we wanted to find a way to help our customers understand how hybrid technology works, and demonstrate the many benefits it offers. This innovative new AR experience, created in partnership with Brandwidth, brings the C-HR’s hybrid drivetrain to life in a simple yet highly engaging way.”

With this initiative, Toyota differentiates itself on the market, as a brand is going the extra mile toward educating people about its work in hybrid technology.

Chris Wicks, group account director, Brandwidth, adds, “Toyota has always been a leader in automotive technology, selling hybrid cars for more than 20 years. Now, with the launch of the Hybrid AR app we’ve created, it’s breaking new ground in the use of AR to enhance customer experience in the car showroom.