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Digital transformation is a challenge for any business. In its last report, brand consultancy Prophet has examined the cultural levers of growth in the digital age, aiming to integrate culture and humanity in digital business transformations.

The advent of digital technologies has brought countless changes upon the business world in recent years, forcing most companies to adapt to a shifting cultural landscape. Prophet’s latest global report tries to tackle the issue of digital transformation, in the attempt to provide guidance for those businesses wishing to grow in the digital age. 

According to the brand consultancy’s report, the key factor in digital transformation is keeping the right mindset to drive humanity throughout the whole process. Adapting to change does not mean to give in to mechanical strategies, often times conceived without human beings at the heart of the process; keeping the employees in mind and helping them adapt can drive growth, both in short and long term strategies. 

“The classic language of change management is being challenged,” partner at Prophet, Helen Rosethorn, says. This requires companies to adopt a more flexible approach to cultural transformation. 

Additionally, Prophet has identified a set of ‘fundamentals’ and ‘accelerators,’ including real time storytelling, staff reskilling and incentives to drive collaborations. The aim is to keep the human side of a business in mind at every step, whilst identifying clear leaders, roadmaps and KPIs to drive change during the the digital transformation. 

Agencies such as Prophet and other brand consultancies can help when going through difficult times, by giving counsel and clear directions to effectively lead the business to its new identity.  

At a launch event yesterday, change and communications managers from some of the world’s biggest businesses discussed the challenges posed by digital transformation. One said, “Getting the right people involved within the organisation in this kind of wide-scale digital transformation is key.” Another added that the middle managers addressed by transformative business changes are a kind of permafrost, but they are “desperate” to do something different. She said, “How do we break that top layer and then release what’s underneath?” That pivotal question is what Prophet’s report seeks to answer.  

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