WEDNESDAY 3 JUL 2019 10:02 AM


In a partnership with the Engine Group, insurance and investment company Vitality has launched the campaign #WeAreRising for the Netball World Cup 2019, pledging to fund grassroots coaches to support present and future players.

Vitality has a historic interest in endorsing healthy communities and teamwork, and it openly supports women’s sports with initiatives across all playing fields. The company’s campaign reiterates its commitment to celebrating people and their achievements, and it’s meant to support the Vitality Roses in the Netball World Cup, following their gold in the Commonwealth Games.

Vitality’s focus on people and innovation is being reinforced by its #WeAreRising campaign, conceived to inspire new generations of players and foster their success. The company’s partnership with Engine fully supports the Netball World Cup 2019, allowing Vitality to provide full funding for one coaching certificate every 100 goals scored, both in tournament and associated activities.

The company’s partnership with the Engine group is a chance to keep building Vitality’s reputation as a business, putting increased emphasis on its engagement in social issues and communities. It is also meant to cement netball as an elite and competitive activity, using the power of sport to drive change in present and future players.

The initiative echoes the recent Visa partnership with the Fifa Women’s World Cup 2019, equally aimed at celebrating women’s achievements in sports. It is safe to assume that both Visa and Vitality may have inspired each other in similar yet unique ways, both making efforts to drive change via their own initiatives in the past. To witness such dedication toward a common goal, in two distinct companies, is uplifting, and it is an attitude sure to inspire an increasing number of organisations, which will be hopefully coming up with their own ways to prove their commitment in the near future.

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