WEDNESDAY 6 MAR 2019 11:48 AM


YouTube finds itself in hot water again because of brand safety issues. This has been an problem for the platform several times in the past, and is an issue on which numerous experts have criticized it.

This time, YouTube’s problem regarding brand safety is with regards to paedophiles latching onto videos of young children on its platform. This resulted in a number of major advertisers suspending their campaigns from YouTube after that was revealed.

Brand safety can have unfair consequences for brands as their ads could end up being associated with disturbing videos or pictures. This could have persistent consequences for a company’s reputation. Therefore more brands are taking precautions upon where they appears online, by tightening their authentication of online content.

Companies like Nestle, Epic games (Fortnite) and AT&T have pulled their pre-roll advertising from YouTube in the concern of their ads being alongside with inappropriate videos of children. A spokesperson from AT&T claimed that it was removing all of its ads from Youtube, “until Google can protect our brand from offensive content of any kind.”