MONDAY 19 APR 2021 12:59 PM


BIMA Sustainability Council, which aims to champion sustainability in the digital sector, has announced the launch of ‘The Green Pages,’ its new website that provides digital teams with a suite of resources to help them build lower carbon and greener solutions.

The new website features a curated set of resources for teams working across all areas of digital, from UX designers, engineers and architects to professionals involved in media planning and advertising.

“It is estimated that the Internet has a larger carbon footprint than the airline industry – over 1 billion tonnes, or 2% of global emissions each year. Most digital teams consider factors such as performance, cost, accessibility and user experience, but rarely take into account the impact of their choices on carbon emissions. We hope these tools become valuable resources for digital professionals and help teams get up to speed on how to produce lower carbon digital solutions,” says James Cannings, BIMA Sustainability Council co-chair.

The resources are designed to help digital teams fast track their capabilities in building more sustainable, low-carbon websites, apps and digital advertising campaigns. These include articles that help designers think about carbon emissions when creating user experience, tools for developers, architects and infrastructure teams to help them minimise the carbon footprint of the solutions developed and tools to hep content production professionals transition to greener methods of working.

“Working this way is in fact a win-win, as reducing the carbon emissions of solutions developed make them much faster and often even cheaper to run,” adds Cannings.

BIMA Sustainability Council seeks to carry on expanding the directory and invites audiences to share any resources not on the list by using the contact form on the website. 









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