FRIDAY 16 APR 2021 11:56 AM


Brands that adopt measurement programmes and scenario planning for decisioning achieve a 25 to 70% increase in return on investment (ROI), according to the latest ROI Genome Report from market data analytics consulting, Analytic Partners.

The report explores how brands can shift from seeking one-off wins to a more holistic performance mindset that supports consistent growth. The report shows that combining scenario planning, comprehensive analytic programmes and a rigorous test and learn approach allows business leaders to anticipate the evolution of marketing impact and create future-proof strategies.

“Scenario planning offers a concrete way for business leaders to future-proof their strategies in a fast-changing environment. Regardless of how the events of the past year have affected the business, it’s possible to uncover new opportunities for sustained growth as we move forward,” says Mike Menkes, senior vice president, at Analytic Partners.

The report shows that opportunities increased within brands across tactics. For example, identifying and quantifying the value of shifting investments from radio and OOH to online channels like social and emerging audio and video.

Other topics explored include the best ways to master investment decisions and embrace turbulence for 32% higher returns, the practical application of scenario planning across a variety of business cases and which areas of optimisation offer the greatest growth opportunity. For example, by quantifying risks and opportunities, businesses can best adapt to the ongoing changing landscape.

Scenario Planning: Uncovering Growth Opportunities is available to download here.


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