FRIDAY 16 APR 2021 11:42 AM


European data and tech company Solita worked with ad agency Creature and production company Ntropic to launch a new brand film that captures the human potential of data.

The film is the next stage in that journey to help the company communicate the brand idea ‘Impact that lasts’ to clients and talent. Solita wanted to stand out for their human and creative side too and become an aspirational partner for their clients.

The challenge, and really exciting opportunity, for brands and businesses today is how to capture, store, refine and use data at the same rapid pace. Unfortunately, most organizations struggle,” says peter barkman, CMO at Solita.

“For over two decades we have worked with brands and businesses to better harness this potential and create lasting impact, but our successes have not only been a result of our technical capabilities but our human insight also. We wanted to communicate this part of ourselves and inspire others to do the same.”

The film begins with a single CGI firefly being released from a hand in a forest. The audience then watches the firefly join thousands of others to show how, when a compay’s data is set free to become connected and utilized, it can become something bright and mesmerizing.