Before completing the online entry form, you will need to have a single PDF document prepared for each of your entries (maximum 10MB for each entry). In order to impress our judges and create an entry worthy of success, make sure to cover all of the four steps listed below.

Struggling to craft the content, layout, and design of your entry? Download the entry and information guide to help you decide what to include and how to shape your submission.

1. Entry summary

Please provide a short 300-word summary of your entry that includes:
- Details of the category you are entering into*
- A brief description of the organisation and what they do
- A synopsis of the work
- The project’s relevance to the category it is being entered into
- Industry context – what is the company’s place within the market?
- Budget (optional)

*If you feel your work is a perfect candidate and strong contender for more than one category, the summary should be tailored accordingly.

Note: We advise that the submission includes a guide on the project brief, budget and time frame to help put the project into context for the judges.

2. Entry statement

Write a project summary statement of no more than 800 words. The statement should cover objectives, the research and planning behind the submission, the creativity and innovation, strategy and implementation, and results.

Below in this guide you will find useful questions to consider when writing your entry statement. The judges will be scoring on these components (objective, research and planning, creativity and innovation, strategy and implementation and results) so it is important to ensure you cover these areas clearly and effectively within your entries.


What were the goals/targets?

What did you want to achieve?

Why were the objectives necessary?

What catalysts prompted the project/campaign to be carried out?

What was the brief? (optional)

Strategy and implementation

How was the research incorporated into the strategy?

How did the project reach its target audience?

How was the strategy implemented?

Were there any unexpected problems or unforeseen circumstances?

Research and planning

What research was conducted?

How did it represent the target audience?

Did the research expose any problems or additional challenges?

Were changes needed to meet the objectives?


How did you meet your objectives?

Were there any unexpected outcomes?

What was the ROI?

Is there any evidence to support the outcomes?

How was the project received internally?

Creativity and innovation

How was your employer brand management solution interesting/different/unique?



Note: If the submission is project or campaign based, please include a guide on the project brief, budget and timeframe to help put the project into context for the judges.

The most successful entries relate their results back to the original objectives. Although statistics can be impressive, do not force them into the submission if they are not relevant to the brief.

3. Supporting materials

Including supporting materials strengthens your entry by providing evidence of your achievements. Materials should illustrate your work and aid the narrative of your entry statement. It is best to include only those materials that are directly relevant to the specific category.

- Images illustrating the project or campaign

- Press coverage (up to five examples)

- Social coverage (up to five examples)

- Video (up to three minutes, please include a link in the entry rather than sending the video file)

- Statistics: any relevant statistics (optional)

- Client feedback

- Testimonials

Note: We do not accept video files, so please include links within your entry pdf (with log in details if necessary.) Please ensure there are no expiration dates on video links.


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