Campaigns and communications

Best internal communications campaign
This award goes to the single campaign or project that best exemplifies excellence in internal communications. Judges will look for clear objectives, a creative- strategic approach and well-defined results.

Best communication of change or business transformation
This award recognises those campaigns or programmes that successfully aid a business in a time of change. Entries should clearly state the challenge and objectives and have results that speak to those starting points.

Best internal communications campaign across multiple markets
The entry that shows excellence in internal communications in more than one market will receive this award. Entries can be from the UK and discuss work done in other markets, or from abroad and include the UK market.

Best alignment of internal communications with external messaging
This award goes to those entrants who best align the internal communications strategy with their organisation’s external brand or communications. Judges will examine the collaborative approach and the alignment of messaging.

Best internal communications in a crisis
This award will celebrate the best internal communication after or during a crisis. Entries should discuss the crisis as well as the impact the internal communications approach had on the organisation.



Best use of data
This category rewards organisations that have used data effectively to communicate or engage with their internal audience.

Best use of content
This award will recognise best practice in content development for the internal audience. Entries may include CEO or leadership blogs, social media discussions, campaign content or other instances of content development.

Best use of storytelling
This award will go to the organisation that best uses narrative or storytelling to engage the internal audience. Entries should discuss why that approach was taken and explore its impact on the organisation.

Best engagement of brand ambassadors
The winner of this award will show best practice in identifying, working with and encouraging retention of brand ambassadors within an organisation. Judges will look for creativity in recruitment and retention of ambassadors.

Best evaluation process of internal communications
Entrants in this category should demonstrate excellence in evaluation of internal communications. The evaluation process should be able to measure the impact of a campaign as it relates to that campaign’s objectives.

Best ongoing commitment to internal communications
The recipient of this award is the team or organisation that best proves a long-term commitment to high standards in internal communications. Entries should discuss work done over a long term, either on one campaign or several.


Outputs and deliverables

Best use of mobile or apps
This award will go to the entry that demonstrates excellence in the development or management of a mobile campaign or internal app. Entries should discuss the creative or innovative approach taken with regards to the use of these platforms.

Best intranet
Recipients of this award will demonstrate best practice in intranet development, management and implementation. Judges will look for creativity as well as the ability of the intranet to cater to each organisation’s unique needs.

Best use of audio
From podcasts to recordings, audio branding to internal radio, many organisations are increasingly using audio to engage their employees. This category rewards those that have used audio effectively to enhance their internal communications.

Best use of social media
This award will go to the entry that demonstrates the most effective use of social media. The social platform can be existing, bespoke or internal, but a strong strategy should be evident from the entry.

Best use of video and animation
Entries in this category should exemplify excellence in the production, creation and dissemination of film. The film should be used for internal communications purposes and clear results should be included in the entry.

Best event
This award goes to the entry that presents the most effective internal communications event. The event can be team, region or company-wide, but it should discuss the objectives and results, proving how the event made an impact for the internal audience.

Best internal publication: Print
Winners of this award will set the benchmark in print communications for the internal audience. Entrants may submit an internal publication, poster campaign, white paper or other printed material.

Best internal publication: Digital
Winners of this award should exemplify excellence in the production of an internal publication with a digital distribution model. Entrants may submit an internal publication, digital campaign, white paper or other digital material.

Best innovation
The best innovations in internal communications will be judged on their creativity, their problem-solving approach, their ability to meet the challenges expressed in the entry and the impact they ultimately had on the organisation.


Best internal communications by sector

This category will determine how well a company performs within its sector. Judges will compare and contrast companies within their peer group. Entries can reflect on campaigns, strategies and outputs. The sectors which organisations can enter include:

  • Charity, NGO or NFP
  • Education
  • Energy and utilities
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Extraction (oil, gas and mining)
  • Farming and agricultural
  • Financial services
  • FMCG
  • Food and beverage
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical
  • Industrial and basic materials
  • Professional services
  • Property, construction and facilities management
  • Public
  • Retail
  • Sports, travel, leisure and tourism
  • Technology, media and telecommunications
  • Transport and logistics


Special recognition awards

Internal Communicator of the Year
This award is presented to an internal communications professional who has made the greatest impact to their company’s or client’s internal communications. 

Business Leader of the Year
This award is given to a business leader who understands the importance of internal communications. The winner of this award will demonstrate a track record of engaging their organisation’s workforce. 

Internal Communications Team of the Year
The recipient of this award is the team or organisation that best proves a commitment to high standards and a contribution to their company’s or client’s internal communications. 

Grand Prix
By entering any of the above categories, you are automatically entered into the following categories. The results of which will be revealed at the ceremony and decided by our judges.


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