The Internal Communications and Engagement Awards recognises impactful and wide-ranging examples of internal comms campaigns and projects.

Winning an Internal Communications and Engagement Award helps set organisations apart from their competitors and provides the opportunity to engage internal teams. Putting your organisation forward for an award offers a chance to:

Reflect and evaluate - learn about your projects and compare them against peers
Engage stakeholders - commend your internal teams and recognise their work at a prestigious awards ceremony in June 2023
Evidence excellence  - to win or to be shortlisted, shows that you have reached the very highest standard, as judged by leading experts

If shortlisted, you’ll be joining an illustrious roll call of past winners and it’s a great boost to team morale as efforts and hard work have been recognised and benchmarked in a competitive field.


Pre-awards ceremony

  • Inclusion in the news story announcing the 2024 shortlist, which is published on Communicatemagazine.com
  • ‘Shortlisted’ iconography
  • Profiling on the Internal Communications and Engagement Awards website, under the ‘Shortlisted’ section
  • An announcement of the shortlist to our subscribers of Communicate magazine and the ‘Internal Communications and Engagement Awards updates’.

On the night

  • Profiling on the awards presentation (name and imagery)
  • A trophy which will be presented at the ceremony
  • Inclusion in the news story announcing the 2024 winners, published on the night via Communicate magazine
  • Inclusion in the winners book, distributed on the night and published online
  • Profiling on the Internal Communications and Engagement Awards website, under the ‘Winners’ section
  • Twitter mentions and interaction before, during and after the awards, via @ICE_AWARDS_@Comms_Events  and @Communicatemag 
  • If you book a platinum table package, you will also receive an advert inclusion in the winners book, a meet and greet sign in the drinks reception and your company logo with your contact details in the table plan.


  • Winners iconography
  • Winners announcement via our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)
  • Inclusion in a press release sent out by Communicate magazine announcing the winners
  • A press release template from Communicate magazine for your own media efforts
  • Coverage in Communicate magazine’s Internal Communications and Engagement Awards print feature
  • Winning entrants may be invited to speak a future communicate conference or to provide comment in the print edition of Communicate magazine


Align your brand with this annual celebration.

We have a number of sponsorship options available to you. 

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