Before you submit your entries into the Lens Awards, we suggest you review the following. Your entry (statement and supporting materials) will need to be in one single PDF file (no more than 10MB in size). When your entries are ready, submit your entries via this online form. 

For help and guidance on your entries, you can view our entry and information guide here.

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Entry summary

Please provide a short summary of your entry in no more than 300 words, that includes the following.

Please includes the following:
a. Entry synopsis (a short summary of the film, project or campaign)
b. Category entered and why the work fits into that category
c. Industry context (company background such as industry, office locations and number of employees, etc)
d. What is the company’s place within the market?
e. Budget (optional - please mark confidential where necessary)

NB: We advise that the submission includes a guide on the project brief, budget and time frame to help put the project into context for the judges.


Entry statement

Please provide a 700-word entry statement telling the judges about your work. 

The statement should cover the objective, research and planning, strategy and implementation, creativity, innovation and results.

Please include the video link within the entry statement rather than sending a separate file. If you are embedding a video within your submission, the pdf file size limit is 10MB.

In our downloadable entry guide, we have listed some points on how to expand on each of the above areas. This is a guide to help you craft your entries and meet the criteria which the judges will be scoring against. Please feel free to expand further on these areas which the judges will evaluate.


Supporting materials

Supporting materials may be submitted to help the judges evaluate your entry. All supporting material should be included in your single PDF entry document (max 10MB).

Materials may include reviews, media coverage and additional information about your entry, organisation, project credits or third-party organisations that contributed. 

When including external links to your videos within your submissions, please do take into account that our judges will have a large number of categories and entries to review and therefore long videos, may not be watched in their entirety. Where possible, we would recommend submitting links to shorter videos of around 3-5 minutes. Please note if you are embedding a video within your submission, the pdf file size limit is 10MB. If you have any questions, please contact

If you are planning on password protecting your video(s), please provide the password within the entry.

Digital files, links or URLs - If applicable, supply up to three relevant URLs (ensure passwords are provided if necessary). Please note that the organisers cannot be held liable for changes in entrants' site architecture or changes that may take place between submission and judging. For queries contact the events team on +44 (0)20 3950 5356

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