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Welcome and opening address from Communicate magazine

Andrew Thomas Andrew Thomas
Publishing editor
Communicate magazine



John Burn-Murdoch has been a data journalist for the Financial Times for the past nine years. Part of the FT's interactive news team, he works as a journalist alongside developers and designers to produce a mix of long-term data-driven projects and same day interactive news stories. In our opening session, John, talks about the way data is being brought to life in the FT’s newsroom and shares his views on data journalism, data protection and big data.

John Burn-Murdoch John Burn-Murdoch
Chief data reporter


DataComms unwound

Boldspace and Post Office – Save Our Cash
Up to eight million people rely on cash daily, but access to cash is rapidly declining with bank branches and free to use ATMs are fast disappearing every day. This campaign tackled this issue head-on with a data-driven approach from start-to-finish – in the planning to address issues with the argument (we needed to talk about something that many didn’t relate to or understand) through to tracking and optimising delivery at every stage of the campaign.

This session will bring the campaign to life from start-to-finish, demonstrating how data was core to everything we did and how we demonstrated impact in the most tangible way possible across every channel.

Mike Robb Mike Robb


Whose data is it anyway?

Much like digital communications, data collection, management and analysis can sit across any number of internal stakeholders or teams. Who plays the important roles in data strategy? This session will feature PR, digital and technology communications professionals as they discuss the challenges of pigeonholing data and the opportunities posed by collaboration.

Stuart Bruce Stuart Bruce
Director and co-founder
Purposeful Relations

Adam Vincenzini Adam Vincenzini
Director, Global Communications
Philip Morris International


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DataComms unwound

Everyday Amazing Reporting: How Aldi’s reporting could improve your own
Over the past two years, Citypress has worked with Aldi to improve its communications measurement – from streamlining processes, to improving accuracy, embedding learnings and proving value – and all at no extra cost to the client. Citypress’ Director of Research and Analytics will take you through the process and share the key learnings that all comms professionals can implement to improve their own measurement and evaluation.

Marianne Morgan Marianne Morgan
Director of research and analytics


Simplifying and visualising complex data to different audiences

Different audiences absorb information in different ways. Visualising data to an investor audience may need a different approach than to say, an internal audience. This panel session will look at ways organisations have used data in innovative and creative ways to communicate and engage a variety of corporate audiences. It will include case studies and a general discussion on visual tone of voice.

The case studies will include Living Group’s data visualisation for State Street Global Advisors’ retirement saving strategies. By simplifying the narrative, Living Group helped SSGA succeed in using engaging and interactive graphics to tell a complex story while educating its users.

Commetric will be discussing how they designed an integrated evaluation framework for a health awareness campaign ran by a pharma company and how we helped the PR team identify the most impactful and convincing data points to use in communicating their success to internal corporate stakeholders.

Matt Couchman Matt Couchman
Senior consultant

Greg Hobden Greg Hobden
Chief client officer
Living Group


Quality in, quality out

If you want to tell more powerful and persuasive stories rooted in data, you have to interrogate your data sources better. Drawing inspiration from a wide variety of professionals for whom success depends on the ability to ask great questions - from scientists to the police, from doctors to hostage negotiators, from journalists to Zen Buddhists - data storyteller Sam Knowles sets out the six universal principles for asking smarter questions. The ability to surface great output by focusing on the quality of your input is a central theme from Sam’s new book, 'Asking Smarter Questions'.

Sam Knowles Sam Knowles
Founder and MD
Insight Agents


DataComms unwound

Throughout the course of the conference we will hear case studies from some of the work that has made the shortlist of the inaugural DataComms Awards.


Reputation management: new tools for an old journey

Understanding stakeholder perceptions is getting increasingly important in today’s world – yet many companies still use wrong insights that lead to poor decisions. In this talk, Shahar will present a new and more actionable approach for monitoring corporate brand and reputation, and demonstrate how listening to people in real time helps companies overcome the inaccuracies associated with social listening, and the slowness associated with annual surveys.

Shahar Silbershatz Shahar Silbershatz


Closing remarks

Andrew Thomas Andrew Thomas
Publishing editor
Communicate magazine

DataComms Awards ceremony and lunch will follow.

Conference attendees are welcome to join the awards luncheon, please make sure you book the correct ticket option to attend.