FRIDAY 2 MAY 2014 3:45 PM


With a reach of 23 currencies over 193 markets, PayPal has become one of the leading digital payment companies in the world.

This week PayPal has announced its first global campaign by advertising agency Havas Worldwide alongside a new identity designed by Californian-based fuseproject.

Fuseproject focused on ‘connection and forwardness’ as themes in the redesign of the new logo. A modernized and more vibrant overlapping double P emphasized the connection of the company to its customers. The logo is flexible enough to fit screens of all sizes, from mobiles to laptops to wide, high-definition screens.

David Marcus, president of PayPal, says, “The original logo was really designed for the online world. Now we are everywhere and the logo and identity need a new face. The two P’s interlocking is meant to be a symbol that represents people coming together.”

Yves Béhar, CEO and founder of fuseproject, adds, “Users have to feel as comfortable with the new identity as the old one, and yet it needs to take a strong step forward…Capturing the soul of one of the most innovative companies in our life time is a big challenge.”

The campaign, that will be promoted across all platforms where PayPal is available, features everyday people with positive attitudes who “believe in making the world work better for them” with illustrations and a hand-drawn typeface to give the campaign a more friendly appeal.


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