TUESDAY 23 SEP 2014 10:52 AM


The Guardian’s own environmental platform, Guardian Sustainable Business, is part of the liberal newspaper’s sustainability vision and strategy. The digital platform now contains an editorial platform named Vital Signs that acts as a publisher of content for the Rainforest Alliance’s ‘Follow the Frog’ campaign. The annual campaign encourages the public to engage with sustainability worldwide.

Follow the Frog 2014 will use The Guardian’s digital expertise to raise awareness of global issues, such as climate change, deforestation and poverty, and will provide users with ways to make a difference through simple day-to-day choices.

Tensie Whelan, president of the Rainforest Alliance, says, “There is no superhero that is going to save the planet, restore the forests, clean the oceans or turn the clock back on climate change. It’s up to us, we’re the heroes. This year through our popular Follow the Frog campaign, along with the Guardian and collaborating companies, we aim to inspire and empower people, showing them how vital their everyday decisions are to the planet. It’s up to all of us and every choice we make matters.”

The Vital Signs platform’s interactive and educational content will include an online competition and a data-visualisation map that highlights growing audience participation in the Follow the Frog campaign and the Rainforest Alliance’s impact on critical environmental challenges worldwide.

Clint White, president of WiT Media and marketing partner for Follow the Frog, says, “A content-driven brand partnership was the best way to take the campaign to the next level and achieve the impact we wanted, engaging audiences in contemporary, lifestyle-relevant ways. It brings Rainforest Alliance’s story to life and positions the organisation at the leading edge of the hottest marketing trends – brand partnerships and digital storytelling.”


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