FRIDAY 26 FEB 2016 10:57 AM


The British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) has unveiled a simple and clean new identity.

The new identity includes sub-brands; the BIMA Awards, the BIMA 100 and the BIMA Hall of Fame.

Led by design studio, Only, the rebrand aims to reflect BIMA’s standing as the UK’s major digital network – it has recently expanded its reach to include Edinburgh, Bristol, Bournemouth and Liverpool, and will soon have representation in Manchester and Glasgow. The hubs in these areas bring the digital community together with a range of events and opportunities for discussion.

Bridget Beale, managing director at BIMA, says, “Today BIMA’s membership embraces thousands of people across Britain, all working at the forefront of the powerful digital and tech economy. We have thriving regional hubs and vertical communities serving the needs of a range of digital professions.”

The new logo consists of white lettering in a bold, upper case font on a grey background. The simplicity of the basic logo enables it to be incorporated with coloured right-angles for the sub-brand implementation. Each sub-brand has its own colour.

The right angle is taken from the upper-left corner of the ‘B’ in BIMA. The new trophies for BIMA’s prestigious digital comms awards (now in its 32nd year) are a 3D ‘B’ shape with the corner coloured red; the colour of the BIMA Awards logo accent.

BIMA and Only will also launch a new website in July 2016 with the help of partners from software developers, Ngoar, CMS platform, Sitecore and hosting specialists, Wirehive.


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