WEDNESDAY 19 FEB 2020 10:32 AM


BOC, which runs an annual conference focusing on internal comms, is hosting its eight annual International Communications Conference in London at which senior internal communications professionals can come together to discuss their roles and debate best practice.

The IC executives will be joined by speakers from some of the biggest brands from over 20 different countries in an opportunity to benefit from new perspectives on the techniques of modern communications. Among other things, the conference will discuss how trends such as workforce demographics, sustainability and increasing development of technology will affect communications.

The IC conference, held for two days in March, will adopt an interactive format with round-tables and practical workshops, have a limited number of delegates so to facilitate discussions and conversations.

Attendees from last year’s conference, praised the international aspect of the conference, which gathers different expertise from across the world, and the intimate environment that allows everyone to share ideas openly without fearing judgement from peers.

To Register to the IC follow the link:

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