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From inspiring shoppers to buying local to raising awareness of childhood hunger to the widest data-gathering network, here is our latest in video communications. For more from #CommunicateLens, follow @Communicatemag on Twitter.

Business Isle of Man

Business Isle of Man, an executive agency within the Department for Enterprise has launched ‘Love local this Christmas,’ a video for the Isle of Man, featuring over 50 local artists and business in a bid to inspire residents to shop locally this Christmas. The video includes businesses from key towns across the island, from a bookseller to a beauty salon to a butcher to a café, which help convey the message to the audience and shoppers to think local first and keep their spending close to home. Even the song that accompanies the video ‘Keep us in your heart this Christmas,’ was written and produced locally and sung by four local artists. By featuring each different person singing a verse of the song while going through town, the video shows how close-knit the island’s community is with one person able to finish a song started by another. ‘Love local this Christmas’ reminds viewers that it is important to show kindness and always think of helping one’s neighbour, beyond just the Christmas period.

“What is special about the Isle of Man is that we are a real close-knit community who do our best to support each other to succeed- this was especially proven earlier this year when the Coronavirus pandemic was at its peak on the Island,” says Bev Clegg, one of the stars of the campaign and owner of artisan beachside eatery the Shed.

Dole Packaged Food Europe

Food giant Dole Packaged Food Europe worked with London-based agency St. Luke’s to launch #UnstuffedBears, a global social film campaign aimed at raising awareness and funds to help feed the one in five children who may go hungry over the Christmas season, with monetary donations benefitting UK families through Save the Children. The video opening features happy, fully-fed teddy bears, sitting in their nice homes and eating good food, but ends on a sombre note with a thin teddy bear sitting on the stairs. The stark contrast between the ‘stuffed’ and ‘unstuffed’ teddy bears is a reminder to the audience of the children across the UK that lack the nutrition and food needed to thrive.

“Using the teddy bear, a universal childhood icon to bring awareness and action around children who will go hungry, is our way of living the Dole promise and sunshine for all. We believe through unleashing our own actions and those of our partners around this, we can tell a memorable story and take steps to start the process for systemic change on a critical issue of food security,” says global CMO of Dole Packaged Food, Rupen Desai. The campaign launched globally and reached the audience through online video, displays, and social media throughout the festive season.

Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative

Ridley Scott Creative Group Amsterdam (RSCGA) launched the ‘Digital With Purpose’ campaign, led by the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative, which sets standards for the development and deployment of digital technologies and aims to rally together the tech industry to help meet the Paris Agreement and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The ‘Digital with purpose’ film, first revealed at the Web Summit in Lisbon, explores the potential threats of technology on the world today, before highlighting Digital With Purpose’s call to arms directed at the leading tech companies across the world. Overall, the tone is optimistic, and the film conveys a message of hope, that technology can be a source of good and reverse the effects of climate change if it prioritises the planet and its people. To emphasise this, the film shows positive clips of people across the world using technology for good; whether it is a row of solar panels or a group of girls in school following a class on their laptops, it communicates that all this would not have been possible without the latest technologies.

“We are in a climate crisis. As storytellers, we have a duty to communicate the message to the world to act- and to act now,” says Ridley Scott. Different international companies including Huawei, Accenture, Swisscom and Deloitte have already pledged their support to the project.


Google released ‘Year in search 2020,’ a three-minute video featuring the most searched questions created by using the data Google gathers every second of every day. The video shows how Google’s greatest and most used function, the search bar, is essential in establishing the trends and patterns that dominated 2020. Following the word ‘why,’ which was searched more than ever this year across the world, Google is able to highlight the greatest events that captured the world’s attention, from climate change to the USA presidential elections to the Covid-19 pandemic, and those that affected most people worldwide. The film captures Google's own data and puts it to use for PR purposes, effectively building content from the search giant's biggest product. The film is complemented by a detailed data analysis that further explores the year, positioning Google as the aggregator of the world's search needs.


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