THURSDAY 11 JUN 2020 3:51 PM


From Swedish, nature-loving brands to the invention of WC's concealed cisterns, here’s our pick of the latest in video communications. . For more from #CommunicateLens, follow @Communicatemag.


Lundhags, a Swedish sustainable outdoors brand, worked with brand consultancy Ronnestam to launch a video ‘Mad About Nature’ as party of a new brand strategy that would lead the it in the future. The project was centred around building on Lundhag’s more than a 100-year heritage while creating a modern tonality. The video celebrates both the brand and nature, further emphasising the relationship between the two. It opens with the narrator saying, ‘Here’s to nature, the towering mountains, the endlessness horizons, the plateus and valleys’ as it shows clips of all nature’s best corners, from lakes to rapids sunrises to sunsets. The high quality of images and footage further reflect the importance nature plays in Lundhag’s products, and how the brand seeks to empower people to live a sustainable life by enjoying outdoor activites. The narrator closes by saying, Ever since 1932, when Jonas Lundhag crafted his first pair of boots in a small workshop in the Swedish wilderness of Jämtland, we’ve been mad about nature.

 “When I approach a project like this I always start with learning, learning, learning and learning even more. About the brand, their heritage, their present and their potential future is key. I’m eager to understand their industry. Whoever I work with I consume their products or services and the world they are made for. Once I’ve spent enough time doing this the next step is to develop an overall brand concept,” says Johan Ronnestam, CEO and creative director at Ronnestam Innovative Consulting.

Geberit India

Geberit India, part of the Geberit Group, the European market leader for sanitary products, launched a two-minute explainer video ‘Made by Geberit’ that explores who the company is and the services it provides. The fast-paced and cheerful music render give an overall humorous tone to the video and the audience can’t help but smile even while watching footage of WCs (Geberit’s primary product). The video uses a fast sequence of footage and bouncy captions to give a brief history of the company, which has been around since 1874, highlighting its milestones in the bathroom department (it created the concealed cistern) and showing its wide international taskforce that gets the job done. “More than 10,000 people, working in 120 countries with 40,000 products have only mission: make the toilette and bathroom better with…” reads the caption half-way through the video, and then goes on to give a list of names (with accompanying footage) of staff members and what they do to improve the help the company. The video conveys Geberit’s company values and mission in a fun and light that resonates with audiences across the world.


Indonesia-based coworking space GoWork launched a three-minute video ‘Our New Normal,’ which shows how the company is prepared to return to work in a safe and hygienic environment post-Covid19. The film follows a woman on her way to work: she is wearing a mask, goes through a thermal body scanner on her way in the building, has a designated space in the elevator, and check-ins into the office space so the barcode can be used for contact tracing. ‘Everyone is quired to wear masks at all times in communal areas, this include GoWork team members,’ read the video as the woman makes her way into the office.The video presents a new way of working, one where the ‘namaste’ salute replaces handshakes, one-metre distance between people is obligatory and members are encouraged to bring their own food utensils, but one that works, nonetheless. Through the video, GoWork wants to convey the message that although everything is different, it doesn’t have to be daunting.


One of the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market, Lloyd’s, worked with production company LiteSwitch TV to create a new video as part of the monthly Future at Lloyd’s series, where the CEO and executive sponsor provide an overview of the work done over the last quarter, highlighting how the Future at Lloyd’s has responded to Covid-19. The eight-minute video combines footage of Lloyd’ staff working in the office with remotely-shot pieces to cameras featuring CEO John Neal and executive sponsor Jennifer Rigby. The two discuss the new priorities of the company following the Covid-19, while also emphasising their commitment to deliver the Future at Lloyd’s, a strategy to create the world’s most advanced marketplace. The video shows how lockdown has also reinforced the importance of building a digital Lloyd’s ecosystem powered by data and technology.

“Here's another virtual film we produced with zero human contact. Discussing the impact of Covid-19 on the market, and the plans going forward. Honestly, I'm so proud our team continues to support amazing brands in this time of exciting change. Exciting, rather than unprecedented. Because for me seeing the opportunity, is everything,” commented Yemi Sawyerr, director at LifeSwitch TV, on LinkedIn.