THURSDAY 17 DEC 2020 3:19 PM


From corporate social responsibility to how Santa Claus is dealing with Covid-19 to a futuristic David Beckham, here is our latest in video communications. For more from #CommunicateLens, follow @Communicatemag on Twitter.

Avanti West Coast

Avanti West Coast, operators of the West Coast Mainline service in the UK, launched a video to celebrate its first birthday since it rebranded and started afresh. The video features different Avanti employees who narrate the story of the company in fast-tempo rhyme verses, telling the story of how, soon after Avanti started afresh and ‘wiped the slate clean’ with a new name, new colours and a new logo, Covid-19 hit. With the pandemic, the business had to quickly reinvent itself to stay afloat with deserted train stations and everyone locked indoors.  More than anything, the video is an ode to Avanti employees, the reason behind the mainline service making it to year two. As the staff in the video says, they have been ‘compassionate and kind’ like ‘railway folk should be’ by donating to hospitals, supporting the community, and making travellers feel safe, all while cheering on the NHS as key workers themselves. The video ends on an optimistic tone, telling the audience  ‘we all win together’ and that, by working together and showing solidarity, year ‘two’ will be even better than the first one.


Pharmaceuticals chain Boots launched an explainer video about the No7 sponsored recycling scheme, which, after being introduced in September, has recycled over one tonne of plastic. In addition to celebrating the big achievement, whereby 30,000 customers signing up to partake in the project and have recycled over 100,000 empty products, the video clearly explores how the initiative works with the aim of having more participate. The scheme is first to use scan2recycle technology which allows consumers to bring empty beauty, health, wellness and dental products from any brand that cannot be recycled at home and get rewarded for it, incentivising people to participate. The video reflects Boots’ corporate social responsibility, further emphasised in the announcement that it removed 2020 tonnes of plastic from its Christmas gift range and launched own-brand plant-based menstrual cups, tampons and biodegradable face wipes. No7 aims at having 100% recyclable packaging for all products by 2025.


To celebrate one of the strangest Christmases to date, smoothie drinks brand Innocent worked with creative agency BMB agency to create a children’s story book that answers the big questions on the lips of children around the world: ‘how will Santa be able to visit every household safely, without breaking government rules?’ The two-minute animated video ‘Will Santa Claus still come to town,’ features a confused Santa Claus, who is left pondering how he will be able to drop each gift in every household, imagining a series of ridiculous alternatives to his usual sleigh-based deliver method. Innocent then delivers him the Santa Safety Suit, which includes PPE, handy repellent features like ‘sprout-tech,’ that emits the wafting smell of everyone’s favourite (or not) festive veg to keep rule-breaking festive revellers at bay, as well as a satsuma pouch in which to store his citrus booty. At the end of the short film the narrator, revealed to be the real Santa who was reading the children’s book, is seen trying on the suit in real life. The tongue-in-cheek video confronts what is a difficult and stressful time for children, for whom Santa Claus and Christmas represent a time of normalcy and happiness, making it light and humorous. It conveys the message that yes, Santa Claus might look a little different this year because everything has been different, but he is still coming to town bearing gifts.   

“I was delighted to get the brief for this project. I have loved drawing Santa and this project has such a positive vibe.  This book is a definite uplifter, and was a joy to illustrate - and I can’t wait to share it with my children!” says freelance artist Sally Anderson, responsible for drawing the innocent story book scenes.

innocent Drinks - A Jolly Safe Christmas from BMB on Vimeo.

Malaria No More UK

RSA Films Amsterdam, part of Ridley Scott Creative Group Amsterdam, released a new short film supporting the latest instalment of the ‘Malaria must die- so millions can live’ campaign, launched in 2018 by non-profit organisations Malaria No More UK with the objective of raising awareness of the disease and building a mandate for bold political action to end malaria. Starring David Beckham, the video uses cutting-edge visual effects software to show the football player in his 70s sending a message of hope from a time in the future when malaria has been eradicated.  The aim of the film is to create an emotional and powerful narrative that can ultimately push policy agenda and offer new sustainable solutions. The video gives a sense of optimism, conveying the idea that if all forces unite- from scientists, to charities, to head government-s than it is indeed possible to imagine a malaria-free future.

“Ending the world’s oldest deadliest disease is only possible with extraordinary teamwork, innovation and determination- from the researchers in the labs, the frontline health workers and the creativity of the world’s greatest storytellers,” says Kate Wills, director of global comms and partnerships at Malaria No More UK.