THURSDAY 19 NOV 2020 5:44 PM


From petfishing to supporting frontline workers to celebrating Diwali, here is our latest win video communications. For more from #CommunicateLens, follow @Communicatemag on Twitter.


To honour the Indian festivity of Diwali Barclays bank launched a video showing despite the Covid-19 restrictions, colleagues can still celebrate the day. The video features different Barclays employees and their families changing from their normal work attire to colourful and festive Diwali costumes with a snap of a finger. With a background of happy music and its optimistic tone the video is a reminder that although times can be hard, people can always find a way to celebrate, even if it is just in the comfort of their homes. The message to its viewers is that there is always  light at the end of the tunnel and ways to find a silver lining in the midst of a global pandemic. The video is also a good example of employer brand management, highlighting that employees’ life outside of work is also important and that the company as a whole supports festivities and moments of fun across the world.


Department for environment, food & rural affairs

The UK’s Department for Environment, food & rural affairs (Defra) worked with creative agency 23red to launch a campaign to raise a video to raise awareness on ‘petfishing,’ or the risk posed by deceitful lo-welfare sellers who breed and keep animals in poor conditions to take advantage of the spike in prices experienced. As part of the campaign they created a video ’12 days of petfished,’ reworks the lyrics to the Christmas classic song to tell the story o a young puppy whose owners purchase him from a deceitful seller, highlighting the potential consequences for many others who might be ‘petfished..’ For example, the video points out that ‘on the sixth day of Christmas things started to turn bleak’ because the dog, bought through of a petfishing scheme had grave health problems and almost died.With a 400% surge in searchers for ‘buy a puppy’ causing the price of puppies to more than doubling from mid-November, the Uk’s chief vet is urging buyers to be alert to the risks involved while they are not permitted to visit the animal in person in its home environment, and to think about additional checks they can undertake to ensure the seller is legitimate. 

“Even in exceptional years like this one, the full-blown production values and blanket media coverage of most Christmas ads means it’s difficult to cut through. We knew we needed to use a small budget to tell a simple story in the most emotionally impactful way possible. So we’ve aimed straight for the heart with a handheld camera, a very cute singing puppy and some great lyrics set to a recognised tune,” says creative director of 23red, Tris Cavanagh.

DHL x Rolling Stones

Independent agency The Maverick Group launched The Rolling Stones- Unzipped, delivered by DHL; an exhibition in the Groninger Museum at the Netherlands, along an online event. The exhibition features more than 400 original objects from the band’s private collection, including rare audio fragments and video footage, iconic costumes and reconstructions of the Stones’ studio. The launch comes along with a video which combines real-life footage and funky animations to give viewers a taste of what the exhibition will be like. The video particularly emphasises the iconic Rolling Stones tongue and lips logo, increasing awareness and engagement around DHL and the partnership.  The opening scene sees a DHL man wearing a mask with the tongue and lips on, who brings the guitar case to the Groninger Museum as he listens to Stones’ music.  The video is also a fun and humorous way for the museum to expose its content and exhibition during Covid-19, as something that is broadcasted might reach more people that would not usually go to the museum.


Following the launch of IONIQ, Hyundai moto company dedicated electric vehicle (EV) brand, the company launched a film ‘I’m in charge,’ a film directed by New York filmmaker Amber Grace Johnson to empower people to take action for a more sustainable future. The launch of the IONIQ brand for dedicated EV models reinforced Hyundai’s commitment to clean mobility and reflects its ongoing transformation. The film takes viewers across the world, from plains of Kenya across green landscapes, glaciers and urban environments to reflect the idea that sustainability is a global topic and that while the landscape changes, the message remains the same, that change is indeed possible. The film seeks to inspire to feel empowered to do the right thing, exploring the notion that we are all in charge of our tomorrow and every one can make a different for a more sustainable future. Featuring real people who champion sustainability, from Debra, a Kenyan actress and model, to Kevin, a dancer from Paris, the global cast was selected as their values aligned with the brand.

“The campaign conveys empowerment of each and every one of us because, with full access to electric mobility, all of us can contribute to changing the world,” says creative director from creative agency Jun Von MATT Neckar, Rico Noel.


Design agency Uniform launched ‘Rainbow Thursday’ a campaign from discount provider Network to thank frontline workers with seven days of exclusive Black Friday offers and connecting big brands to the dedicated people working in healthcare, education, care and charity sectors. The one-minute video, together with the campaign as a whole, showcases Network’s unwavering recognition of their scheme members and promotes the deals created as a thank you for the efforts of key workers this year. Showing heartfelt clips of doctor, nurses, ambulance drivers and teachers working day in and day out in hard environments, often times with Covid-19 patients, shows that although positive sentiment has dropped over the course of the months these workers are still key to everyone’s wellbeing.

“Black Friday doesn't feel right in 2020. Seeing people crammed into shops, scrambling over each other, fighting to get a new widescreen TV. So we rebranded it as Rainbow Thursday - a bright, colourful and positive moment dedicated to those who have gone above and beyond this year. We’ve worked with Network to give a heartfelt "thank you" to the frontline workers from a brand that has always been there for them. Not just when it was 'trendy,’” says Uniform’s creative lead Richard Pay.

“We wanted to work on a campaign that would help reward and support our members, and hopefully give them the lift they need when we are surrounded by the uncertainty that the pandemic has caused.  We hope that the campaign will highlight that we are still thankful and appreciative of our members' work,” adds head of marketing at Network Storm Postlethwaite.