THURSDAY 26 MAR 2020 4:48 PM


Here’s our selection of the latest in video communications, all Covid-19 related today from influencer videos on TikTok to beer companies supporting NHS workers. For more from #CommunicateLens, follow @Communicatemag.


Social enterprise and beer brand Brewgooder launched a video as part of its ‘One On Us’ platform which will to facilitate a national ‘round’ for NHS staff during the current Covid-19 pandemic. The platform allows the British public to send a four-pack of beer and a message of appreciation to all 1.2 million NHS employees. The short video has no voice and no images, using only slow background music and text to send a powerful and clear message to audience members about showing all show kindness towards NHS staff. 

The use of written words gives off a sense of intimacy as if the video is directed to each audience member individually. It begins by showing a fast sequence of people within the NHS who are working on the frontline of the global pandemic, such nurses, administrators, doctors, lab technicians, cleaners. The final word that unites them all is champions. So the video campaign urges viewers to donate a beer with a message of support for an NHS employee for them to claim whenever they want. Brewgooder uses the video to place itself as a company that wants to do good deeds in difficult times, even through a small gesture like giving a free beer.


McDonald’s, one of the many restaurants that was forced to close and only work through delivery or takeout because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, created a video ‘We’ll be Here’ to remind customers that their drive thru remain open for service. Using the iconic golden and red colour palette, the video explains to customers that the company will only operate with drive-thrus so that “just like we have for the last 65 years, we can still be here to take your order,” reads the video. ‘We can still be here to take your order,’ written in bold red caps stays on the screen as different menu options come and go, emphasising that whether it’s a Big Mac or chicken nuggets the drive thru is always open

.The video reflects the chain’s commitment to continuing to serve people safely by implementing the required safety measures, like encouraging employees to wash their hands more frequently and enhancing interior cleaning. In the U.S the chain is also offering free drive-thru meals to older people who might be in need and free coffee to health workers. The video is part of a bigger campaign in which McDonald’s separated the golden arches of its iconic to remind customers and employees to practice social distancing. ‘Stay safe, by staying apart,’ reads the gif.


The UK’s communications regulator Ofcom has launched a national information campaign #StayConnected to help people make the most of phone and broadband as they stay at home during Covid-19. With the use of colourful animations, the video gives viewers three top tips to stay connected: use your landline or Wi-Fi calls if you can, move your router clear of other devices, and lower the demands on your connection. Only 25 seconds long, the animated video is a clear and easy explainer for anyone to follow, even less tech-savvy or elderly people who have been forced to work from home. The emphasis on phone and broadband interconnectedness also resonates with a wider theme that many companies and people are adopting, of staying virtually connected with one another during these difficult times.


Influencer agency Takumi launched a pro-bono campaign across TikTok and Instagram to protect public health and empower its influencer network to generate trustworthy information during the Covid-19 outbreak. The campaign, which will run in the UK, U.S., Germany, France, Italy and Spain aims to drive awareness and spread positivity.  The campaign was split in two. One portion is #SafeHands, which shows what influencers can do for 20 seconds while washing their hands. Some sing while others kick a ball around. #SafeHands, which support the World Health Organisations protection measures against the global pandemic, have also been picked up by other people who are not part of the Takumi campaign.

 The second part of the campaign, protect your mental health, ensures that anyone following social distancing measures are kept in the loop with the latest Covid-19 updates and is a space where influencers can share best tips to protect their mental health during this period. By launching the campaign on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, Takumi seeks to appeal to a younger generation and add a touch of humour to a difficult time that could help Gen Z and Millennials have fun while still trying to follow government rules.