THURSDAY 28 MAY 2020 3:09 PM


From the story of global health partnerships to leading ropeway company, here’s our pick of the latest in video communications. For more from #CommunicateLens, follow @Communicatemag.


Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, a public-private global health partnership that aims at increasing access to immunisation in poor countries revealed a new video that outlines the impact of Gavi’s work since the Vaccine Alliance was created. The two-and-a-half-minute video, which combines imagery and footage of children in the world’s poorest countries to a soothing narration of Gavi’s story, elicits an emotive response in the viewers which makes them realise the importance of this organisation. Though touching, the video does not evoke the audiences’ pathos; rather, it gives off a sense of optimism as it looks back at the improvements in vaccinations made since the turn of the century. Midway through, as the narrator begins celebrating Gavi’s work, the tone of the video changes becoming more positive.

‘Since 2000 the Vaccine Alliance has helped immunise 500 million of the world’s poorest children, saving more than 7 million lives,’ the narrator says as footage of smiling children are shown. The video builds up  to a final emphasis on unity and ‘togetherness,’ and how this will continue to help the lives of children across the developing world.

LEITNER ropeways

LEITNER ropeways, one of the biggest companies for ropeway development and construction based in Swiss Italy, launched a new corporate video highlighting its biggest strengths as a business. As an audio-visual continuation of the campaign ‘Customisation is part of our standards,’ the two-and-a-half-minute video emphasises LEITNER’s core services:  maximum flexibility in design, advanced technology, the highest standards of comfort and safety, and, most importantly, customisation.  The latter is conveyed in the opening scenes through the use of holographic animation and real-life footage: two LEITNER employees and an external consultant are seen discussing different ropeway products (appearing before them as holographic animations) that they can expand and ‘test’ as they please while choosing which fits better with customer needs.

The video is clear and concise, leaving the viewer with full understanding as to how LEITNER ropeways operate. It shows the stages of the company’s work chronologically:  the initial brainstorming phase in the office when products are explored and chosen for assemblage, the engineering and manufacturing one when ideas come to life and finally, the last phase displaying LEITNER ropeways products on sites across the world.