THURSDAY 3 SEP 2020 3:00 PM


From the new UN climate action campaign to virtual conferences, here is our pick of the latest in video communications. For more updates about #CommunicateLens, follow @Communicatemag on Twitter.

Samsung UK

Samsung UK launched an immersive virtual conference, Life Unstoppable, which unveiled the South Korean multinational conglomerate’s latest innovations in home appliance, visual display and mobile technology. The video opens with the narrator reciting a ballad to the camera exploring the ways in which Samsung’s human-centred innovations have enabled connected, seamless experiences to live a Life Unstoppable. The idea behind the virtual conference is to prove that although Covid-19 forced many boundaries on societies and businesses alike, Samsung never stopped, using this time instead to produce more cutting edge, technological innovations. The immersive conference gives viewers the possibility to explore new Samsung products, from the waterproof TVs to 5G phones and eco-friendly refrigerators, without leaving the comfort of their homes. With the click of a mouse, the audience learns exactly how the new AI washing machine works and what features it offers, showing just how effective and useful virtual conferences can be as a communication tool in a moment when the world is still coming to terms with social limitations of the pandemic.


Denmark based roof window company Velux Group partnered with WWFT launched an explainer video as part of their ‘It’s our nature’ 2030 sustainability strategy, a 10-year transformational journey in which the company adopts climate and nature action, innovate sustainable products and secure a responsible business. The video outlines how Velux CEO will work with WWF through forest conservation projects to capture the company’s historical footprint and take responsibility for its past, a pioneering step that little to no companies have done in the past. The ‘Lifetime Carbon Neutral’ video follows the CEO of Velux and a and senior advisor of WWF as they walk through a muddy, lush green forest discussing how they can achieve becoming carbon neutral by 2041.


United Nations

The United Nations worked partnered with UK creative agency AMV BBDO, Youtube and London-based film production company Grain Media to launch a new interactive online campaign ‘Fight Back’ to encourage action on air pollution. The YouTube video, which was made using the sequential storytelling format, stars parkour artist Georgia Munroe running from air pollution in a chase sequence that the viewer can control through the set of sequential videos. ‘You can run from air pollution but you can’t hide,’ reads the video, set in a foggy metropolis, fraught with air pollution, which Munroe tries to desperately escape. Her fate is solely decided upon by the viewer, who can decide to skip parts of the video, leading the character to danger and uncertainty, or view, resulting in her finding the air to breathe. The video’s interactive feature allows for the audience to be truly engaged in the campaign and consequently in the climate action cause.