FRIDAY 14 FEB 2020 4:03 PM


Creative communications group DRPG announces today the acquisition of Firehouse, a London-based agency that provide communications solutions through film, video and production for companies such as such as Kingfisher and Shell. The acquisition will increase DRPG’s team to a total of 340 people across the UK, Ireland, Germany and the U.S.

Both agencies were quick to stress the importance of working collaboratively as a team and be merging ideas together, rather tha the acquisition meaning Firehouse is simply subsumed by DRPG.

Firehouse will still maintain its brand and philosophy but, in in the words of DRPG’s CEO Dale Parmenter, it will have “more toys in the box” and more resources to support it. DRPGf will gain new digital and visual solutions from Firehouse which also adds diversity to the group’s client base.

“This is an extremely exciting time for the group as we start our milestone 40th anniversary year by expanding our capacity and capabilities through this acquisition. Firehouse is a well-established, innovative and active agency, which we are very much looking forward to welcoming into our team and working together,” says Parmenter

The internal engagements Firehouse delivers through live events and conferences, exhibitions, and brand installations will bring another area of expertise to DRPG. Parmenter also praised Firehouse’s attention to detail and relationship with clients, which fits well with DRPG’S philosophy.