FRIDAY 18 SEP 2020 3:21 PM


Production company Spirit Studios’ mental health campaign, #IAMWHOLE’s Digital Detox Day, which aims to raise awareness about the damaging effects social media can have on people’s mental health, reached over 6 billion people across the world, with more than 50 countries partaking.

In collaboration with cosmetics retailer LUSH and lead by influencers Zoella and Jordan Stephens, Digital Detox Day encourages people to step away from social media for one whole day and take the time out for their mental health and themselves, reflecting on the pressure that comes with social media. On the day of the event, September 5, Spirit Studio took over Piccadilly Circus Lights, which briefly went blank to emphasise the message of switching off.

As part of the project, LUSH developed a limited-edition bath bomb in collaboration with influencer Zoe Sugg to raise money for its ‘Wholeness’ fund, where grants are available to global grassroots mental health organisations.

“What we are doing with our campaign is very simple - making people stop and think for a day about their use of social media. But it is the spirit in which it will be delivered that counts. We have partnered with a brand that understands and prioritises mental health. We have chosen to work with talent that knows first-hand the pressures and impact social media can have on mental illness,” says Matt Campion, co-founder and creative director at Spirt Studios.

As part of the campaign and to encourage the public to partake in it, celebrities across the world, including Rita Ora, Tanya Burr, Davina McCall and Eyal Booker, posted a photo of the palm of their hand. In addition, Sugg organised a series of discussion panels on her IGTV channel, in which she discussed body image, cyberbullying, human connection and setting digital boundaries.

"Social media has become such a huge part of all our lives, and I know all too well the negative impact it can have on mental health if we don’t set boundaries. Digital Detox Day is all about taking some time out to reflect, so we can form better relationships with ourselves and our devices. As someone who has really grown up online, Zoe is the perfect person to lead this campaign,” adds Jordan Stephens.