MONDAY 21 DEC 2020 3:34 PM


First-of-its-kind online HIV photography gallery ‘HIV in view,’ delivers a repository of high-resultion images depiciting what it means to live with HIV today. Across four countries, people living with HIV stepped forward to be among the first photographed for this gallery, in an aim to help shift the world’s perception of the virus.

Produced by leading providor of images and videos, Shutterstock, in collaboration with global specialist HIV company Viiv Healthcare, the collection shows how living despite HIV having radically changed from just ten years ago, people living with it still suffer unique challenges that affect their daily lives. Stigma remains a stubbornly persistent threat to the health and well-being of many people living with HIV, and can often impact their ability to consistently access life-saving treatments and social support systems.  ‘HIV in view’ seeks to share the true picture and experiences of people living with HIV is to undermine stigma.

“Working with Shutterstock has underlined how a lack of widely accessible, present-day HIV imagery continues to hold us back. With the launch of the ‘HIV in View’ gallery, people across the world can now download authentic photography for free. As a company, we are making a pledge to use images of real people living with HIV across all of our platforms, where applicable, moving forward,” says CEO at Viiv Healtchare, Deborah Waterhouse.

“There is always a need for authentic and fresh imagery accurately depicting what it's like to live with HIV. This presented an opportunity to prove the effectiveness and adaptability of our global network of contributors who would be tasked with safely depicting this crucial story, in a much more challenging time to do photography and videography with a pandemic limiting production around the world,” says Micheal Carfagnini, GM global at Shutersstock Studios.