WEDNESDAY 25 NOV 2020 4:13 PM


Amsterdam-based hotel chain the Student Hotel, an urban generator that partners with cities to create new communities based around co-living, student life and hotel accommodation, completed the first phase of its digital transformation programme resulting in a new website

The new website, designed and implemented by communications agency Rufus Leonard, delivers a differentiated brand experience for a complex mix of hospitality products and an enriched booking journey for student guests. The new design is intuitive to navigate and supports accessibility in all its forms, using a digital design language that can adapt to any device, and allows for a consistent look and feel regardless of the brand touchpoint.

Chief digital and experience officer at the Student Hotel, Mark Liversidge, explains that as the hotel chain grew, so did its vision for creating purposeful connections, which is now reflected in the upgraded website.

“This milestone is the first step in our digital transformation from offering a collection of individual products, to a seamless lifelong customer experience integrating a complex mix of hospitality products, lifestyle services and learning experiences,” he says.

The new website launch is the first step in delivering digital experience at all touchpoints, including a new app for guests which will transform the full customer journey from arrival to lifelong connection with the growing global community.