TUESDAY 16 JUN 2020 3:49 PM


International digital communications company Investis Digital’s results of its Connect.IQ Report, which measures the effectiveness of corporate websites from the perspective of their key audiences, ranked nation’s multinational oil and gas company BP as the leader.

According the survey, which evaluates the digital performance of global businesses against 300 criteria that covers content, user experience and technical implementation, BP has successfully maintained an effective narrative on its corporate website, featuring the right type of content investors are known to value. Through Invests Digital’s Connected Content approach, that helps companies tell their brand stories through strategic content, build and run intelligent website and reach audiences with powerful performance marketing solutions, the report ranks companies across five areas: narrative, content mix, channel mix, optimisation and amplification.

“This report highlights why our Connected Content approach is so powerful when it comes to helping businesses create meaningful relationships with their audiences in an age where corporate communications have never been more important.” says senior managing director of Investis Digital Europe, Adrian Goodliffe.

“It’s not enough just to create engaging content. For digital channels to be fully effective, companies must balance content, build standards, and amplification in order to optimize their performance and drive measurable outcomes.”

The report also reveals that more that 57% of the companies explain their sustainability strategy but only 12 companies provide any quantification on their sustainability ambitions and only 47% of companies explain their purpose, with a small 4% quantifying purpose-driven ambitions.

“Companies need to provide a more consistent and coherent perspective of what they do, focus more on stakeholder value, and show long-term business sustainability. This report aims to provide a better understanding on how to tell your story but to also ensure companies address the needs of their audience,” says Simon Gittings, creative director and editor of the report.

Investis Digital has analysed corporate websites across different indexes like FTSE, NYSE, AND NASDAQ.