FRIDAY 18 SEP 2020 3:48 PM


Recent findings from research-based consulting Hogan Assessments identity a strong correlation between specific components of personality and leadership behaviours supporting diversity and inclusion. Personality assessment, it seems, is essential to advance diversity and inclusion goals for organisations.

According to Hogan, incorporating valid personality assessment into the recruitment process promotes fairness in selection which drives greater organisational diversity, as it allows company to identity for the best talent without discriminating against any group or gender.

While personality tests are key in increasing diversity and inclusion from the bottom-up through non-biased recruitment, findings from Hogan reveal they can also be used to advance diversity and inclusion goals at the highest level of an organisation when selecting leaders. Research shows that leaders with high scores on adjustment, interpersonal sensitivity, prudence and altruism have supported diversity and inclusion, receiving high supervisor ratings for behaviours like discouraging prejudice and discrimination.

“It is important that companies prioritise diversity and inclusion, not only for justness and financial performance, but also to attract, nurture and retain the best talent. In today’s business environment, paying lip service to D&I with diversity policies, awards and training is no longer enough. Companies must go beyond the ‘box-ticking’ approach to D&I and leverage tools like valid personality assessment to select better, more inclusive senior leaders,” says director of talent analytics at Hogan Assessments Kimberly Nei.

It turns out that supporting diversity and inclusion also brings many benefits to organisations; McKinsey’s Diversity Wins report, for example, found that in 2019 companies where more than 30 percent of executives were female were more likely to outperform those with less gender diversity. A recent Intel survey revealed that over half those aged 18-35 would be hesitant to join an organisation that lacks diversity and representation in its leadership.