TUESDAY 18 AUG 2020 2:41 PM


The reinforcement of internal communications will be the single biggest change Covid-19 will have on communications teams, according to a survey conducted by corporate content specialist Speak Media in partnership with the PRCA.

Communications leaders will need to refocus their teamswork on internal audiences to face the post-Covid challenge of keeping colleagues connected and engaged even when working remotely or feeling anxious about the future.

Corporate comms leaders are preparing for a rocky few months of slashed budgets, cut campaigns and a challenging media environment. As many corporates face concerns about bringing their employees along with them, internal comms with be prioritised,” says Paul Williams, head of planning and production at Speak Media.

The greatest challenges highlighted by the survey, which gained insights from 53 members of the PR and communications industry, are cuts around comms budgets (64%); changing media consumptions habit due to declining print news sales (58%); and the challenge of keeping employees engaged with brands as the landscape shifts (54%).

Despite there being a difficult road ahead, many PR and comms leaders are hopeful, with 92% believing that the new normalwill bring fresh opportunities for corporates and 75% expecting organisations to be able to serve society better and use their businesses as a platform for change.

Organisations will need to be aware that their employeeslived experience over the last few months will be diverse. Leaders will need to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and be in-tune with how their teams feel about a range of issues. A flexible approach to safeguard the physical and mental well-being of employees is essential,” says director general of the PRCA Francis Ingham.

Every single respondent agreed that it is more important than ever for there to be an integrated approach across brand, media, marketing, public relations and public affairs, to ensure a consistent message.