WEDNESDAY 4 NOV 2020 11:56 AM


Through trend analysis, employee surveys, expert interviews and case studies, the ‘Future of the sustainable workplace report’, explores the trends and forces influencing the transition towards sustainability in the workplace.

The report, by sustainability expert Leyla Acaroglu and intranet provider Unily, is divided into three sections. It reveals that more than half of respondents are more likely to work for a company with a strong environmental policy and 72% of office workers are concerned about environmental ethics. 80% of office workers said their company’s environmental values are either not aligned or only partially aligned with their own.

“Covid-19 has been a real catalyst for change, and transformation globally. We have spoken to many companies over the years, keen to change how they work, but they have never ‘had’ to change before, so Covid-19 accelerated that ‘need’ to change.,” says chief customer office at Unily Jo Skilton.

The first section of the report looks at six relevant mega trends, or massive cultural shifts that unfold in real time creating patterns that can be interacted with, including climate change adaption, resource scarcity and the zero waste movement. The second section details the 12 microforces driving the megatrends, while the third provides a toolkit for business managers to assess where they are on their sustainability journey.

 One of the objectives of the report is to provide other businesses seeking to be more eco-friendly with a framework for starting on their sustainability journeys and empowering them to make lasting change.

“Every organisations will be at a different stage, as this report highlights the ways to engage with sustainability and multiple opportunities to lead through these complex times. The most important thing is getting started, and this report will support you in gaining the insights and advantages of establishing a journey towards a sustainable workplace,” says Acaroglu.