WEDNESDAY 4 NOV 2020 3:27 PM


The ‘Sustainable Transformation Practice’ produced by data and consulting company Kantar identifies the opportunity in generating a sustainable economic recovery in a post-pandemic world.

The practice, which supports brands develop sustainability and purpose-driven business strategies, finds that while 92% of people have a desire to live sustainability, only 16% are acting on it, suggesting there is a trillion-dollar revenue opportunity for companies to close the value-action gap.

“The good thing is that, next to our moral obligations to address the global challenges, it is also an enormous business opportunity. Sustainability isn’t just the right thing to do, it is the essential to drive business growth,” says chairman of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development Paul Polman.

This insight helps reposition sustainable development from a compliance issue or drag factor to an element can could bring innovation, economic growth and development at an unprecedented scale.

The ‘Sustainable Transformation Practice’ also offers businesses an AI-powered social listening tool that can help predict sustainability tens and behaviours, a programme to help brands identify credible and ownable purpose strategies and use their purpose to evolve their business, a brand social sustainability index and a purpose monitor.

Kantar’s new sustainability listening tool has identified a significant tipping point in the sustainability conversation, revealing that over the past six months mindfulness conversations have increased by over 300% while awareness of our pollution footprint has increased by over 400%.