THURSDAY 21 JAN 2021 3:32 PM


From tackling sustainability issues to demoing of the next holiday here is the latest in video communications. For more from #CommunicateLens, follow @Communicatemag on Twitter.


Studio Roosegaarde, a social design lab that works on improving daily life in urban environments, worked with global creative production company MediaMonks to create a short film for Grow, a 20,000m2 light homage to farmers, entirely built on light recipes that decrease pesticide use and increase plant growth. The movie highlights the benefits of a more sustainable agriculture for everyone. The film opens with an aerial shot showing the field as a luminous dreamscape, with red and blue lights over it, reflecting the project’s mission which explores how certain recipes of light can improve plants’ growth and resilience. The artwork is delivered as dancing lights across the agricultural field, with the film depicting the development of this luminous dreamscape and how the beauty of light can help plants. Grow gives a new meaning to the word ‘agriculture’ by reframing the landscape as a living cultural artwork, which is reflected in the the movie’s cinematic grandeur.

"Grow is the dreamscape which shows the beauty of light and sustainability. Not as a utopia but as a protopia, improving step by step,” says artist Daan Roosegaarde.


With the ongoing impact of the pandemic and coinciding with ‘Blue Monday’ (18 January this year) easyJet has launched ‘3 Minute Escapes,’ a series of relaxing films that transport viewers to European destinations of escapism and calm. The campaign seeks to give the audience the holiday feeling that is so deeply missed because of Covid-19, as they wait for the next chance to take a flight somewhere in the world. Created by VCCP and OMD, the campaign will be a social-first and native content series for IGTV, featuring seven escapes that focus on popular European destinations, from beautiful Greek beaches to the snowy mountains of Austria. The beautiful shots and calming music in the videos seek to recreate powerful positive memories of holiday, which are shown to provide some of the psychological wellbeing of actually being on vacation. In addition to creating these videos, easyJet has partnered with popular digital coach subscription app Mindshine to create travel-inspired guided meditation escapes. allow viewers to almost believe they are there and take a moment of mindfulness in these hard times.

“With these films we wanted to give everyone a little reminder of just how therapeutic travel really is, and how it will be again, once we're on the other side,” says creative director VCCP, David Masterman.


Communications agency Emperor published a video celebrating its first year as an employee-owned business, meaning that the founders are selling 67% of their shares in to an Employee Ownership Trust and the sole beneficiaries will be their employees. The video explores the concept of employee ownership, what it means for the staff and how they have achieved it. The video shows that the focus has been on listening and ensuring the views of their partners are heard through voice sessions and drop-ins, resulting in a greater sense of purpose and engagement. ‘The founders aren’t getting any younger, it’s the perfect time to launch the next phase,’ James Kingsley, executive chairman at Emperor, explains in the video. The video is also a good example of employer brand management, as it conveys Emperor’s focus on the importance of each and every employee, all of whom are collectively responsibility for the companies continued growth and success.

Inmarsat Aviation

Provider of aircraft solutions, Inmarsat Aviation launched a video celebrating the commercial service introduction (CSI) of its newest and most advanced satellite to date, the GX5, which delivers capacity to Europe and the Middle East as part of the Global Xpress network that powers GX Avatio and Jet Connex inflight Wi-Fi services. GX5 will transform Inmarsat’s offering to aviation customers, bringing significant layered capacity and network redundancy over Europe and the Middle East, which form one of the world’s busiest travel corridors. Using momentum-filled music resembling those of cinema trailers and cutting-edge animation, the video tells the story of GX5, from when it was first launched onboard of a spacecraft in November 2019, to August 2020, when it reached its new home over the heart of Europe, to now, when it enters commercial services. The video is able to convey a complex and technical news, which involves aircraft engineering jargon, in an easy and simple way through clear images and straightforward information, for all viewers to understand.  GX5’s entry into service also reflects the strategic vision of Inmarsat as it looks past the Covid-19 pandemic to the future needs of commercial airline and business aviation customers, whose passengers require reliable connectivity.

Rockwool Group

One of the world’s largest manufacturer of stone wool products, Rockwool Group released ‘It’s time to build a better future,’ a one-and-a-half-minute video that aims to promotes the company’s decision to sign up for the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and commit to cut a third of the total lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by 2034. The video shows how even before adhering to SBTi, Rockwool was saving more CO2 than it emitted in production, through its stonewall insulation process. The new decarbonisation commitment builds on the company’s existing status as a net carbon negative company, which further promotes its embracement of CSR and development of large-scale electric melting technology, environmentally well-suited in countries where the electricity grid is already low carbon. However, as the video shows through all the images representative of climate change, from raging fires to plastic-filled beaches, that is not enough and more has to be done. nature Those images contrast the ones at the end of the film, of tress, nature, and children laughing, which represent what can happen when more collective effort is put in tackling sustainability issues.

“Achieving these emission reduction targets will be an important step in realising the global ambition to reduce society’s greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. By demonstrating that an energy-intensive manufacturing company can achieve these targets, we hope to inspire others to take actions to help create a greener, more sustainable future,” says Rockwool Group CEO, Jen Birgersson.