MONDAY 8 FEB 2021 8:00 AM


Communicate magazine’s Corporate Engagement Awards opens for entries today. The awards recognise the most successful and innovative corporate partnerships and sponsorships, and the communications strategies around those collaborations, which help raise brand awareness and build reputation.

Last year’s winners include Scope and Virgin Media, HSBC and Earthwatch Europe, Anglo American, Unilever and Edelman, and SuperValu and AsIam. 

A panel of judges made up of leading industry experts based in-house across sponsorship, partnership, CSR and sustainability roles will choose a shortlist of winners.

“Corporate responsibility and purpose have helped companies through one of the toughest possible years. The Corporate Engagement Awards has always recognised those organisations doing good in their communities and for the world,” says editor-in-chief of Communicate magazine, Brittany Golob. “Communicate magazine is pleased to be celebrating companies, partnerships and collaborative programmes that continue to do so, despite the challenges posed by Covid-19. Winners at the awards set the standard for the management of communications and corporate reputation by engaging with the issues that truly affect society and the world.” 

The winners of the awards will be announced at a gala dinner in central London on 18 November 2021 (subject to change).

To enter the 2021 Corporate Engagement Awards, click here.

The full list of categories is as follows:


  • Best arts and culture programme 
  • Best charity, NGO or NFP programme 
  • Best educational programme 
  • Best environmental or sustainable programme 
  • Best pro-bono work for a charitable, social or ethical cause
  • Best sports and leisure programme 
  • Best combined programme 



  • Best sponsorship activity to support or develop a corporate reputation 
  • Best alignment of brand values through a sponsorship activity 
  • Best engagement of an internal audience in a sponsorship programme. 
  • Most effective sponsorship of a single event 
  • Most innovative sponsorship activity 


Corporate social responsibility

  • Best CSR activity/programme to support or develop a corporate reputation
  • Best alignment of brand values during a CSR programme 
  • Best community involvement during a CSR programme 
  • Best engagement of an internal audience in a CSR programme.
  • Best collaboration for a single event 
  • Most innovative collaboration 
  • Best foundation



  • Most effective one-off campaign 
  • Most effective long-term commitment 



  • Best stakeholder communications 
  • Best internal communications 
  • Best PR and external communications 
  • Best evaluation 



  • Best collaborative approach 
  • Best execution 
  • Best management of a programme 
  • Best team effort during a programme 


Grand prix - This award cannot be entered and the winner will be chosen for by our judging panel.