WEDNESDAY 20 JAN 2021 10:47 AM


Three tech giants, Salesforce, Microsoft and Google, have scored in the top five spots at theGlassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards, which recognise the best places to work, in based on feedback from the each company’s employees, those who know the company best.

The awards winners are determined using feedback employees have shared on Glassdoor over the past year, some of which comes under the form of anonymous company reviews that asks for employer rating, including providing insights into job and workplace attributes. Glassdoors economic research team then applies an algorithm to each award to choose the winners.

Customer success platform Salesforce, which came in at number one, is described as friendly culture that prioritises employeeswellbeing and development, not just revenue generation,while employers at Microsoft, in second, said truly encourages and cares for development of staff. Challenging environmental and colleagues you can look up to.

Global life sciences company Abcam scored third, for its open, fast-paced and global culture, that prioritises personal development. Apple scored at number seven, while Facebook came in 10th.

All the companies scoring the highest in this years awards share a common denominator: putting people over profit and creating a warm and welcoming working environment.