THURSDAY 26 NOV 2020 5:10 PM


From talking sheep to celebrating World Children's Day, here is our latest win video communications. For more from #CommunicateLens, follow @Communicatemag on Twitter.

Birmingham County Football Association

Birmingham County Football Association (BCFA) has launched a partnership with Personalised Video Lab to deliver personalised video communication, making it the first UK sporting organisation to use this new ground-breaking advanced video technology. As shown in the video, Personalised Video Lab transforms digital customer communications, using the power of one-to one human connection, together with data and advanced video technology. CFA’s highly customised, data driven communication integrated 1,150 affiliated club secretary and  Football Club names, and the number of teams each Club has affiliated along with the Club’s disciplinary record from the previous season. The new  video

“The personalised video has come into its own during this period and helped us to personally thank and remain connected with our huge volunteer network with some key messages for them to consider during and after lockdown, and to show our support and appreciation which we hope will see them continue their 2020/21 season when allowed to do so,” says Kevin Shoemake, chief executive of Birmingham County Football Association.


Pure fruit smoothie brand innocent worked with creative agency BMB to launch their 2021 Big Knit campaign, which aims at encouraging the knitting population of the UK to knit tiny hats for innocent drinks with the brand donating 25p to Age UK for every wolly creation, aiming at making an overall difference to the lives of older people all over the U.K. As part of the campaign BMB created six social films featuring ‘talking’ sheep, which explain to the viewers to put their wool to good use by joining The Big Knit. In one video, a posh ram sheep has a nap while inviting people to take his wool and put it  to good use. In another short clip, one sheep encourages people to stop scrolling through social media and put their time to good use by knitting little hats, in another the ‘Naturist sheep,’ a sheep discovers she fancies naturism and knitting.  The short videos are an example of how communicating to a diverse audience about  social corporate responsibility does not necessarily have to be dull and corporate but can rather adopt a light and humorous tone, which is inherent to innocent brand as a whole.

Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice

London-based Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice, a charity that looks after severely unwell kids and their families, worked with digital content agency The 10 Group to launch the ‘Moments that matter’ video campaign , which aims to highlight the essential role nurses and carers play in creating moments that matter for children and families. The two-and-a-half-minute video features real families supported by the hospice, including children and parents that, together with the staff, share the most powerful personal moments they have experience because of Noah’s Ark. The moments reflected on encompass both very happy and very difficult times, from hospice enabling a father to leave his son with someone trusted for the first time in 14 years, to a carer reading to a child that has just died whilst waiting for his parents to arrive. The campaign draws reference to the “moments that make you stop, and remind you why you’re here”. The wider aim of the campaign is to raise over a million pounds to support the work of specialist nurses and carers, at a time when Noah’s Ark



The world’s largest children’s charity Unicef worked with creative agency The Community London to launch a video celebrating this year’s World Children’s Day. The film ‘Miracles,’ focuses on consequences the Covid-19 pandemic is having on parents and their the feeling of hope and protection they have towards their children. As part of the second phase of UNICEF’s ‘Generation Covid’ appeal, the uses striking picture of parents with their new-born babies all over the globe to communicate to the audience that ‘for millions of children around the world a parent’s love won’t be enough to protect them this year,’ as the future of children will be in danger in the aftermath of the pandemic. Without having to resort to any narration or explanation, the video solely relies on the raw and intimate images and on Ellie Goulding’s emotional cover of ‘How long will I love you,’ appeal to the audience’s pathos and send a clear and resounding message across.